The Arts


Head of Department: Peta Tabuteau

Through education in the arts, students develop creative talents, competencies and skills that can be transferred to their working and recreational lives. Arts subjects, separately and collectively, can balance and enrich the individual student by providing opportunities for them to create, reflect, challenge, ritualise, critique and celebrate the world in which they live.

In Year 7 and Year 8, students study The Arts for the whole year with two (2) lessons a week.

Students rotate every semester through each of the following subjects:

Dance - learning in Dance involves students exploring elements, skills and processes through practices of choreography, performance and appreciation. Students use their body as the instrument of expression and movement as the medium, demonstrating an increasing range of movement skills and style-specific techniques.

Drama - learning in Drama involves students making, performing, analysing and responding to drama, drawing on human experiences as a source of ideas. Students develop their understanding of the processes of dramatic playing, role-playing, improvising, process drama, playbuilding, interpreting scripts, rehearsing and directing.


Visual Arts - learning in Visual Arts involves students making and responding to artworks, drawing on the world as a source of ideas. Students develop their skills, techniques and processes as they explore a diversity of artists, visual imagery, representations drawing, painting and 3D construction.

Music - students learning Music, listen, perform and compose. They explore and understand the elements of music, musical conventions, styles and forms which expands with their continued active engagement with music.

A parallel course exists for students who have a particular talent for music and/or who have been learning an instrument for some time. Students are required to apply and audition in the middle of Year 6 to have an opportunity to be part of this class. These students are given extension activities in their music class time.

Year 7 Performing and Creative Arts Brochure

Years 7 and 8 Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Media, Music Year Level Plans

Year 7 Signature Music Year Level Plan

Year 8 Visual Arts and Media Semester 2 Plan

Year 8 Signature Music Year Level Plan


In Year 9 and Year 10, students must complete one (1) more semester of The Arts. This can be in either semester one or two and students may choose from the five distinct Arts subjects:

  • Dance
  • Media
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Visual Art

It is advisable for students considering choosing an Arts subject in Years 11 and 12 to study that subject each semester in Years 9 and 10 to build a solid foundation in their chosen area.

Year 9 Dance Year Level Plan

Year 9 Drama Year Level Plan

Year 9 Media Arts Year Level Plan

Year 9 Signature Music Year Level Plan

Year 9 Visual Arts Year Level Plan

Year 10 Dance Year Level Plan

Year 10 Drama Year Level Plan

Year 10 Media Arts Year Level Plan

Year 10 Signature Music Year Level Plan

Year 10 Visual Arts Year Level Plan


In Year 11 and Year 12, Craigslea offers the following authority subjects, all of which contribute to a student's Overall Position (OP):

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Film, Television and New Media
  • Music
  • Music Extension (Year 12 only)
  • Visual Arts

and the non-authority subject:

  • Multi-Arts Studies.

This is a practical-based subject designed to give students hands-on experience and knowledge about the arts industry, e.g. directing a musical, stage management, designing and constructing sets, costume design, etc. This subject does not contribute to an OP.


Craigslea Music Academy

At Craigslea State High School, the Music Academy has four strands that encourages students to develop their artistic and creative skills, these students are immersed in music through a wide range of performance opportunities and a curriculum taught by experienced teachers.


There are many opportunities at Craigslea State High School for students to take part in The Arts faculty activities outside the classroom. These include:


Many people are passionate about the arts in their lives and value highly the success and satisfaction they receive. Some of Craigslea's Arts Faculty highlights include:

  • One of the only schools in Brisbane to offer all five strands of The Arts syllabus in both the Junior and Senior schools
  • Links with local feeder schools - Year 6 and 7 students involved in bi-annual school musical and regular participation in feeder school visits.
  • Participation and continued success in the Excellence Awards in Visual Arts and Design.
  • Fully equipped, air conditioned FTV studio with AVID software.
  • Air conditioned Dance Studio.
  • Photography dark room and computer art graphic programs
  • Participation in Brisbane and surrounding district Eisteddfods.
  • Workshops with visiting professionals / artists.
Last reviewed 24 March 2022
Last updated 24 March 2022