Health and Physical Education

Head of Department:  Tim Walsh 
The Health and Physical Education Key Learning Area provides the foundation for developing active and informed members of society, capable of managing the interactions between themselves and their social, cultural and physical environments.
Craigslea’s Health and Physical Education courses provide students with excellent educational opportunities. The school has quality facilities complimented by an experienced and committed staff.
Programs in the HPE Key Learning Area at Craigslea are:
  • Student centred
  • Cooperative
  • Flexible
  • Challenging
  • Fun

There is a strong emphasis on participation in physical activity. This recognises that participation in physical activity promotes health and acknowledges the unique role of physical activity as a medium for learning.


The core and elective units in the middle years of schooling offer students a variety of learning experiences in which practical and theoretical aspects of the subject area are integrated. This provides an excellent foundation for the challenge of the senior specialist subjects of Health Education and Physical Education with Recreational Studies and Vocational Education Training (VET) opportunities also available.


“The Junior HPE curriculum at Craigslea is devoted to providing relevant, authentic learning experiences for all students. We strive to integrate the practical elements of the courses with the theoretical concepts to give our students the best possible opportunities to be fully physically educated.

The course from Year 7 to 10 reflects strongly the criteria based approach seen in Year 11 and 12 and has been streamlined to offer a seamless transition from unit to unit and year level to year level. The course organisation reflects all required elements of the National Curriculum and is consistent with a strengths based approach as outlined in the syllabus.


All students in Year 7 and 8 study HPE. A parallel course exists for students in Year 7 and 8 wanting to participate in the signature Volleyball Excellence Program. In Year 9, there is another compulsory unit as well as the continuation of the Volleyball Excellence curriculum offering.


All unit offerings from that point on are elective and as such are seen as opportunities for students to fully participate in the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes related to the engagement in physical activity.


Each unit is studied for a minimum of 7 weeks and the teaching staff and students consult on the choice of physical activities available for each particular unit.


The curriculum overview that follows, shows the full Junior Program for HPE at Craigslea SHS. For information on the curriculum outline of the Year 7, 8 and 9 Volleyball excellence programs, please link to the “Signature Programs” page on the website.

Health and Physical Education Curriculum Overview


Year 7 Health and Physical Education Brochure​ 

Year 7 Health and Physical Education Year Level Plan


 Year 8 Health and Physical Education Year Level Plan


  Year 9 Health and Physical Education Year Level Plan


Year 10 Health and Physical Education Year Level Plan


In Years 11 and 12, specialist elective courses are available to students in Health Education, Physical Education, Vocational Education Training (Certificate 3 in Fitness) and Recreational Studies. All subjects offer career opportunities and links to further education.
  • The Health Course involves students in investigating and evaluating our health system and services through a range of topics including personal, family, community and environmental health. Students exiting this subject will have the skills and knowledge to develop and maintain a balanced lifestyle.  

  • The Physical Education Course is a criteria based course which is designed to integrate the theoretical subject matter with the practical performance elements outlined in the school work program. It is designed to be a very personal experience where students link the concepts studied to their own experiences in sport and physical activity. At Craigslea, the course is organised to include:

    • Badminton with study of Skill Acquisition and Sports Psychology

    • Touch / Soccer or Orienteering with the study of energy systems, training and training program design.

    • Aerobics or Golf with the study of Figueroa’s Framework as it applies to access and participation.

    • Volleyball or Water Polo with the study of Team Dynamics as it applies to performance improvement.

  • The Recreational and Vocational Education Training courses provide students with alternative pathways to engage in physical education. Students can exit Craigslea State High School with nationally recognised accreditation including a Certificate 3 in Fitness. Both courses are dependent on adequate numbers with involvement attracting additional fees due to delivery from outside training organisations. 



Sport is offered as a Co-Curricular activity

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Last updated 24 March 2022