My name is Gail Hay and I am the International Student Coordinator as well as Homestay Coordinator with Raelene Perrott. We organise homestay accommodation with caring families who enjoy having students from other countries live with them.

International students are required to live in approved homestay family accommodation. The aim is to provide a comfortable and friendly environment in which international students feel safe and secure. This allows the students to pursue their studies successfully, while extending their English language ability.

Our Homestay families are encouraged to include their students in family outings and activities helping students to adjust to their new environment and to feel part of that family.

A Craigslea State High School Orientation Booklet includes all information on the Homestay program for homestay providers and international students.

Homestay Families

We initially chose to become a homestay family some 10 years ago to share our wonderful family life in this beautiful city of Brisbane. We enjoy hosting overseas students as we learn much about their life, their family home and their friends. We share favourite recipes, outings and enjoy a shared love of adventure. My husband, Brian, and I have travelled overseas and always felt the best experiences were when we visited with people in their homes.

Friends of friends would invite us into their home, sharing their local cuisine and their friendship.

These experiences have cemented wonderful memories for us. In return we would like to share what we have and build wonderful memories for our students and our children. Being a homestay family for Craigslea High School has opened the eyes of our two teenage daughters, who have a special appreciation of being in a foreign country, learning another language, eating different foods and making new friends.

We are a loving, caring, committed family enjoying watching our children and visiting students gain independence, an appreciation of family life and exploring other cultures.”

From Brian and Ursula

On the weekend teenagers can go to the movies, beach, park or to a friend’s place. While during the week teenagers have to keep their socialising to a minimum because they have school work to do.

Like most cities, transport is an important issue. Many Brisbane people commute to work by car or public transport. Local and International students normally travel by bus to school. The homestay families will assist the students with the bus route to and from school.

Mobile phones and sim cards can be bought from selected service stations, grocery stores as well as mobile phone sellers.

It is the responsibility of the student to look after their mobile phones whilst at school. Whilst in class mobile phones are to be switched off.

If requested by students, the homestay parent will assist with language difficulties when applying for a bank account. Students will only need their Passport as identification.

Department of Education
Trading as Education Queensland International (EQI)
CRICOS Provider Code: 00608A

Last reviewed 25 November 2020
Last updated 25 November 2020