Student services and support programs


​​​Craigslea State High School employs on-site staff and, if required, draws on our strong connections with community support services to assist students with personal or academic needs.

The two arms of Student Support Services – Learning and Wellbeing - both focus on implementing supports and interventions that address problems impacting on a student’s schooling, or issues that limit a student’s capacity to reach their individual and educational goals. Interventions can be delivered on an individual or group basis. The aim is to ensure that students are engaging in a positive and productive manner with all aspects of school culture and curriculum.

Support Services - Learning

Students with Disability

Ø  Head of Special Education

Ø  Special Education Teachers and Program Managers

Ø  Special Education Teacher Aides

The Special Education Program (SEP) provides support for students who meet the criteria for Verification under the Department of Education’s Education Adjustment Program (EAP). This is a process for identifying and responding to the educational needs of students with disability who require significant education adjustments related to the specific impairment areas of:
·     Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
·     Hearing Impairment (HI)
·     Intellectual Disability (ID)
·     Physical Impairment (PI)
·     Speech-Language Impairment (SLI)
·     Vision Impairment (VI).

Literacy and Numeracy Support Services

Ø  Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator

Ø  Teachers

Ø  Teacher Aide

Every student is capable of learning and is expected to demonstrate progress. In particular, Support Teachers work with classroom teachers to facilitate various forms of assistance for students who are identified as having a learning difficulty or disability, or are at risk of underachievement.
Support for students for whom English is an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D)

Ø  Teachers

Ø  Teacher Aide 

Students for whom English is an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) require specific support to build the English language skills required for effective communication and access to the Australian Curriculum. Using a whole school approach, EAL/D students may receive adjustments such as additional time and support, along with teaching that explicitly addresses their language learning needs.
High Achieving Students
Ø  Key Teacher
In partnership with the Brisbane School of Distance Education, teachers and students at Craigslea State High School are involved in the Impact Program which is an extension/enrichment strategy for mid-to-high performing students that offers STEM options (including Coding and Marine Science), Critical Thinking and Creative Writing. High achieving students are also identified for extension and enrichment activities in their subject areas.

Support Services - Wellbeing

The Guidance Officer heads the Wellbeing team which is committed to ensuring positive outcomes for young people through social, emotional and academic support that fosters resilience. The Guidance Officer also assists students with planning skills, subject selections, tertiary admittance, career advice and personal counselling. Support systems for Indigenous students and students in care are also managed by the Guidance Officer.
The Youth Health Nurse provides information and advice in relation to health issues, health support services, and family/relationships problems. The nurse also facilitates programs that proactively address health issues and promote a positive health culture.
The school’s Chaplain provides help with pastoral care issues and social and relationship issues. The Chaplain also fosters programs that promote hope, meaning and purpose.

Year Level Coordinators

Year 7 Year Level Coordinator

Year 8 Year Level Coordinator

Year 9 Year Level Coordinator

Year 10 Year Level Coordinator

Year 11 Year Level Coordinator

Year 12 Year Level Coordinator


More information about the roles of our support staff can be accessed by viewing their detailed role descriptions on this website. If you have any questions about Student Support Services please contact the school administration for further information or to make an appointment.

Last reviewed 23 March 2023
Last updated 23 March 2023