Instrumental Music Program


About the Program‚Äč

The Instrumental Music Program is a vibrant co-curricular activity that allows Instrumental Music students to perform in a variety of concert bands, jazz ensembles, string orchestras and small chamber experiences.

Each year, the groups may participate in a variety of school-based events, musicals and Arts presentations, community performances, music competitions and festivals, and national music tours.

Performance groups include:

  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Chamber Winds
  • Big Band
  • Stage Band
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Caledonia String Orchestra
  • MacKenzie String Orchestra
  • String Quartet/Quintet
  • Vocal groups including Melodia (Senior Choir), Chorale and Bassline
The program is coordinated by Instrumental Music Teacher, Ms Christine Jabs.

Aims of the Program

The aims of the Instrumental Music Program are to:

  • Provide an extra dimension to the school's Music programs ensuring that educational outcomes are maximised for all students
  • Provide an opportunity for musical development of students through instrumental instruction on a group basis
  • Provide ensemble experience for students who develop ensemble performance skills as an integral part of their music education through Concert Bands, Orchestras, String Orchestras and Stage Bands.


All students entering our school from an Education Queensland (EQ) Instrumental Music program will be automatically enrolled into the program, with the expectancy that they are a minimum Level 2 in the EQ Instrumental Music curriculum.

The Music Program may accept beginner applications on cello, double bass, oboe, bassoon, French horn, trombone and tuba only. Electric guitar, piano, keyboard and acoustic guitar are not included in the Instrumental Music curriculum. 

If your student is an advanced electric guitarist or pianist (and can read music), they will be considered for Stage Band, Big Band or accompanying ensembles as required. These are limited and highly sought after positions which are allocated after an audition process at the discretion of the teacher.

Camps and Tours

Music Camp is held every second year for all members of school bands and ensembles. The purpose of the Music Camp is to provide the opportunity for intensive rehearsals and develop a team spirit within the program. All members of school bands and ensembles are expected to participate in the Music Camp.

Craigslea SHS is well known for its community engagement through touring. Past tours include New Zealand, Fraser Coast, Sydney, Gold Coast, Tasmania and Gladstone. Tour destinations will be announced 18 months prior to departure to allow for maximum participation.

Instrumental Music Awards

Instrumental Music Special Awards are presented to students at the annual Awards Night. The junior prize is open to students in Years 7 - 9 and senior prizes are open to students in Years 10 - 12. Attendance, behaviour and conduct are major factors in the selection criteria. The criterion for each prize is as follows:

Musical Excellence

Any student who:

  • Displays consistent excellence in performance 
  • Displays a positive and motivational influence within the ensemble
  • Demonstrates excellence in all levels of musicianship

Outstanding Dedication

Any student who:

  • Has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the efficiency and success of the Music program
  • Demonstrated total commitment in rehearsal and concert attendance
  • Has shown diligence in home practice and rehearsal preparation

Rising Star

Any student who:

  • Displays musical potential
  • Has participated positively in all aspects of the Music program
  • Has shown a willingness to extend personal skills and knowledge with relevance to their instrumental studies

Craigslea High Instrumental Music Parent Support (CHIMPS)

CHIMPS is an invaluable parent body, which represents families involved in the Instrumental Music program. The purpose of CHIMPS is to support the Music program as a whole by providing input, fundraising, organisation of musical events, and developing community partnerships. Meetings are held once a term.

If you would like to register your interest with CHIMPS, or have any great ideas/suggestions for ways in which CHIMPS can better support the interest of the school, students, parents/caregivers, community members and staff, please let us know by filling in the EOI Form and returning it to

How to get Involved

For more information or to express your student's interest, please email Instrumental Music Teacher, Ms Christine Jabs, at

Last reviewed 26 March 2021
Last updated 26 March 2021