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Craigslea currently hosts and welcomes students from a wide range of Countries including China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Thailand, Nauru and the Solomon Islands. 

These students find Craigslea to be a warm and supportive environment in which to improve their English language skills, working towards an academic achievement which may lead to further study in Australia.






My name is Gail Hay and I am the International Student Coordinator here at Craigslea State High School.  Once your application has been approved by Education Queensland International, I will be in contact with you advising information about your homestay family and will be happy to answer any of your enquiries.

When arriving at school on your first day, International students are helped to make subject selections appropriate to their interest, aims and ability. I will show you around the school, introduce you to your teachers, other International students and make sure you have your timetable and textbooks.

All possible care and consideration goes into helping our International students settle quickly into school life.

I am the person you come to if you have any problems. At Craigslea we feel it is important that you are happy and comfortable in your living and learning environments, and I am here to help with this transition.
Students have my mobile number for 24 hour access in emergencies.
We also offer many excursions throughout the year for our International Students to places such as:-
• Gold Coast
• Sunshine Coast
• Noosa
• Theme Parks
• Tangalooma Resort on Moreton Island
• Fraser Island
• Australia Zoo

English as a Second Language (EALD)

My name is Amanda Handy and I am a qualified EALD teacher. It is my role to assist our International students in improving their English and attaining their goals.

Students are supported across all subject areas by qualified Teachers who work closely with me to help students achieve success in their studies.  I work individually and with small groups of students as well as support them in many classes.

We also support our Year 11 and 12 Chinese students who wish to enrol for Chinese through Brisbane School of Distance Education.


An Introduction to some of our Students

My name is Jonah Harris, I am an athlete and an International Student at Craigslea State High School. I came to Australia from Nauru when I was in year 10.
Studying at Craigslea SHS has made it possible for me to complete my high school education as I continue to pursue my dreams as an athlete competing both nationally and internationally in various competitions.
I have taken home 10 medals in total from my sporting achievements. 5 Gold medals and 1 Silver at the Metropolitan North School Sport competitions. 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals at the Queensland School Sports competitions.
I was nominated to compete in the Oceania Games in Fiji where I received a Bronze medal for the long jump reaching a distance of 6.67m. I was also a finalist for the 100m sprint.
With all these achievements I have been nominated for the 2018 Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast to compete in the 100m and 200m sprints.

Craigslea SHS was an excellent choice for an International exchange year in Australia. The school has a range of extra-curricular activities which gave me the possibility to practice volleyball regularly.  My homestay is caring and warm hearted. There is always something to do and they make sure you have a wonderful time experiencing another life style and an active member of the family.  They cook like chef’s and joke around a lot.  I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  Carl

I am Maiko from Japan and I have transferred from New Zealand to study at Craigslea SHS for my Senior Schooling.
Craigslea State High School is a great school!
All the teachers, students and the International coordinator provide a warm environment.
It wasn't hard for me to make a lot of great friends here because all the students are so friendly and kind to me, and I feel comfortable to ask about any difficulties of studying to the teachers because they always help me to solve the problems.
Also, there are computers and microwaves at the International Student Centre that international students can use during the school time which I think is very useful. I'm so happy to be here.

I am Darshan from Malaysia.

I enjoyed my experience at this school as the teachers are very helpful and supportive.  I enjoyed the way the teachers conducted the class lessons.  The teaching system in this school differs from one I was used to back home.

I found that Craigslea was very unique with its various diversity of students from different cultures. It allowed me to develop new relationship with students from various societies. Lastly, I think studying at Craigslea was a worthy experience and an excellent choice that I had made.


I am Wiona from the Solomon Islands.

I was so happy that I choose this school as all International students receive great support and help with their school work. Teachers are available during breaks times and our ESL teacher is always available to us.


Our International Student Coordinator / Homestay Coordinator always arrives at school very early and is readily willing and able to help us with anything we require.  She has always arranged many cultural excursions for us which were great fun.


Hello, I am Thawon from Thailand.

This is the best school as I have made many friends.  The teachers are very good and are always available to help me with my assignments. 

We have access to computers from very early each morning and have the use of microwaves for morning tea and lunch breaks.

Our International Student Coordinator is always very helpful and arranges some great excursions for us. Everyone should come to Craigslea SHS.


Hello, my name is Clarissa and I am from Germany. I studied at Craigslea for 2 years and I can say that every single moment was worth being apart from my family and friends at home. I found a new home with my lovely host family and they will now remain in my family forever. My school coordinator Mrs Hay is wonderful and always has lots of time for each of the students in her care. The school has always been very supportive in what I was doing and it is a good environment to learn English and make new friends.
Come to Craigslea, it's the best.
QETI Award
Craigslea State High School wins a Queensland Education & Training International (QETI) award. These awards are a showcase of outstanding projects and people in Queensland’s international education. BNISA, of which Craigslea is a member, won the “Outstanding International Student Support” award.
The award recognises the outstanding contribution of an institution by providing exemplary student services, support and pastoral care to international students, and providing services that enhance the student experience in Queensland and contributes to quality outcomes for students.
This declaration recognises the hard work teachers put into making our international students welcome and the support they give in every class, every day.
We would also like to thank the home-stay parents for the warm welcome and support they extend to this unique group of students. The parents of the international students can relax knowing that their sons and daughters are in safe hands.

Parents Testimonial

We sent our son to Australia for English Studies in year 11 and 12 so he could go to University in Australia. We sent him to a private boarding school but he was unhappy there, he needed to be with a family. After 6 months of being in the private school he told us about Craigslea State High School that had an international student program where the students could stay with homestay families and still get a good high school education before going to University in Australia where he could study to be an aircraft pilot. That is when he enrolled at Craigslea State High School and moved into their homestay program. After moving schools he was very happy! He has made a lot of friends with both the international students and the local students at the school. He now has two families, including a homestay brother who is one of his best friends.
We visited Craigslea State High School about six months after he started there and we were very impressed with the program that the school has. We were able to speak to all of his teachers about his progress as a student and found them to be very helpful and friendly. We also noticed that the students seemed to be very happy and friendly.
The International Program Staff who are, The International Student co-ordinator, homestay co-ordinator and the ESL teacher (English as a second language), while being professional, were all very friendly and helpful.
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