William Strike - 2021 Graduate


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2021 Graduate, William Strike, has a promising future in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) after securing a role as a Communication Systems Operator in October last year.​

We were delig​hted to connect with William and ask a couple of questions about his time spent at Craigslea SHS, career journey, life ambitions and what advice he would give to Craigslea SHS students.

What were some of your most meaningful experiences at Craigslea SHS? 

I most enjoyed the Sports Days at Craigslea, competing alongside my mates and being out in the open. Craigslea always instilled a sense of Community involvement I have attended and marched in every Anzac Day service at the Kedron Wavell RSL since I was in Prep through to Year 12. 

What does your current role in the ADF involve and what do you enjoy most about the role?

I am a Communication System Operator. We use cutting edge technology, including high-tech radio and satellite systems to keep the army connected and communicating effectively in battle space.

What led you to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF)?

Ever since attending my first Anzac Day ceremony, I have wanted to join the ADF and serve my country. Growing up with a Vietnam Veteran as my Poppy, who was a tremendous role model, gave me an appreciation of the sacrifices he made for his country. I started the application process at the start of Year 12, sitting the Aptitude Test, Physiological Test, Physical and Medical Tests, passing all.  As I did so well in my Aptitude test, it opened all career paths, but I was always focused on getting into Communications, which I applied for and got. I was officially sworn in on 25 October 2021, which meant I had to get special permission to leave school early. ​

What choices did you make at Craigslea SHS that contributed to your career journey/success? 

I always tried my hardest to be a good, honest and respectful young man to my teachers and peers. I was involved with the catapult party at Anzac Day/Remembrance Day ceremonies at the school. I made sure I attended all the career/open days the ADF offered, researched various job roles and asked many questions. I also joined Cadets at 109 Chermside, which gave me focus and purpose, and in my first year there I was awarded 'Cadet of the Year'.

What advice would you give to students interested in breaking into your industry? 

 The best advice I would say to someone planning on joining the ADF is to do your research and attend open days the ADF put on throughout the year. You need to understand being in the ADF isn't like any other job but more of a lifestyle. You must be comfortable with being away from home, doing a lot of travel and maintaining a certain fitness level. After completing the training at Kapooka and initial training in your chosen field, I can say it is 100% worth it as the mates you make are for life and become part of your family.​

Last reviewed 12 August 2022
Last updated 12 August 2022