Year 09 Coordinator


“Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education”
Martin Luther King Jr.
Hello, my name is Melita van der Maat, your Year 9 Coordinator for 2019. I am excited and honoured to be a part of this great cohort and am looking forward to helping our students enjoy their final year of Junior Secondary here at Craigslea. My teaching career has taken me to many different schools over the last 17 years and I have been lucky enough to teach across both the Primary and Secondary sectors. One of my greatest beliefs in teaching is to foster positive relationships with my students in order to give them the best chance at success. My goal is to provide them with the necessary tools to become lifelong learners, to help ensure they reach their full potential in their schooling years and beyond. I will be here to support them academically, socially and emotionally in an environment that fosters a sense of belonging, stability and happiness. 
My wonderful team of Year 9 Form teachers will be there to greet our students each day and ensure consistency in expectations and practice. They will keep them informed of upcoming events and school initiatives via the daily notices and guide the students in the right direction should they have any issues or concerns here at school. Craigslea has a strong sense of community both as a school and as part of the wider community; therefore the school’s uniform brings a clear sense of identity and connection to both of these. It is expected that our Uniform Policy is strictly adhered to and our Year 9 team will be there to support students with this. We have a structured uniform non-compliance process that will be followed.
Our Year 9 students will continue to take part in the CAB (Craigslea and Beyond) program, which is delivered by the Year 9 form teachers. The students will be participating in the ‘SenseAbility’ program as part of CAB in 2019. Developed by ‘Beyond Blue’, it is a strengths-based resilience program designed for young Australians aged 12-18 years. It consists of a suite of modules developed to enhance and maintain emotional and psychological resilience in students; Essential skills, Sense of self-worth, Sense of control, Sense of belonging, Sense of purpose, Sense of future and Sense of Humour. During term one, the students will be focusing on planning and time management, keeping well, communication, life problem-solving, emotional regulation and helpful thinking. Our ‘Student Support Services’ team (Guidance Officer, School Health Nurse and Chaplain) are available to those students who require support throughout the year.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email at I will endeavour to reply at my earliest convenience to discuss this further.
Melita van der Maat
Year 9 Coordinator
Last reviewed 04 November 2019
Last updated 04 November 2019