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Year 07 Coordinator


“It’s the little conversations that build the relationships and make an impact on each student.” Robert John Meehan

Hello, my name is Nicole Preston and I have the pleasure of being the Year 7 Coordinator for 2019. I am thoroughly looking forward to helping our students adjust to the high school setting and establishing an approachable and nurturing environment for them to feel safe and secure. This is my third year in the high school setting after 22 years teaching in the primary school, so the transition to high school is something I too, know very well. My goal is to guide Year 7 students academically, socially and emotionally to ensure they reach their full potential in a school environment that fosters a sense of belonging, stability and happiness. 
I also work closely with Year 7 Form/Core teachers to ensure consistency in classroom expectations and practice. These teachers keep families informed via regular emails of upcoming events, school initiatives, homework expectations and assessment guidelines. In addition to the regular scheduled classes, Year 7 students will to take part in the CAB (Craigslea and Beyond) program. This program is delivered by the Year 7 Form teachers. The focus of this program has been on developing our students’ social and emotional wellbeing through planned activities covering topics such as goal setting and values, positive self-talk, healthy friendships that foster compassion and tolerance, cyber safety and leadership. External presenters, Guidance Officer and the school health nurse will all help to present these topics in a way, which has proven to be a holistic approach to student wellness.
As part of the Year 11 Leadership program, each Year 7 class will be allocated 2-3 student “buddies”. These buddies will be integral in assisting the Year 7’s with their transition into high school. The buddies will be involved in form class every day and will also be organising games at lunch time once a week for Year 7’s.
The Craigslea State High School student dress code provides clothing that aims to contribute to a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment through: ready identification of students and non-students at school, fostering a sense of belonging and developing mutual respect among students. In Year 7 we have a structured uniform non-compliance process. Year 7 students are given a maximum of three incidences throughout the year for unexplained dress code non-compliance. Following three incidences, students have a lunchtime detention with me and I will contact home. If further non-compliance occurs, I contact home again to arrange a time for an after school detention and a parent meeting. The aim of this process is to ensure all students continually dress in a manner that shows respect for both themselves and the school.
I look forward to a fantastic year ahead and look forward to welcoming you and your child to the Craigslea Community. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time. The best way to do so initially is by email,  and from there, I am happy to arrange a time to meet in person if you wish.
Nicole Preston
Year 7 Coordinator 2019