Year 12 Coordinator

Welcome to Year 12 2019!
In 2018 students began their final two years of study. We are now halfway through that journey. This is the most important period of schooling to date. It is a critical year for all students as they continue to diligently study their chosen subjects with the view to achieving their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). This will mean that students will need to be fully committed to their studies throughout the course of the year to ensure that they achieve their full potential. For many hoping to follow a tertiary pathway, the year will culminate with the awarding of an Overall Position (OP) and an offer of placement at a University or other tertiary institution. For others, the year will involve working to achieve at their School Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships in preparation for a vocation post schooling. Whatever the pathway the students have chosen, hard work, dedication and time management will be key themes for the year.
Whilst a commitment to success is necessary for this cohort to achieve their academic goals, we must remain focused without burning out. In order to achieve this it is important for students to adopt a positive work life balance. With that in mind there are again many extra-curricular activities available to our seniors to enhance their educational experiences and ensure that they remain on-track and motivated. These would include, Volleyball, Dance, Music, Snow and Scuba competitions/tours.
Many opportunities for leadership positions have arisen and our cohort will lead the school in a variety of positions including Music, Sport, Photography, SRC and Academia as well the much coveted positions of School and Vice Captains. With so many quality candidates to choose from, the selection process was extremely difficult and is a credit to the amount of talented young individuals we have in our year level. Congratulations to all the successful applicants and good luck in 2019 to our new School Captains Joanna Lee and Alavina Woodford and our Vice Captains Alyson Gascoigne and Adrian Malbasias.
Looking towards term 4 already, our students will be keen to build on a very successful ‘Semi-Formal’ last July, and celebrate in style by making it through to graduation in November. They will have the chance to out-do themselves and celebrating the successful culmination of 12 years of schooling, however, we are not there yet. Year 12 is a year full of commitments – academic, social, family, work, sporting etc. and we must remain focused on our goals to ensure that we are there celebrating at the end.
I always consider myself very lucky to be working with such a stellar group of young adults. I am looking forward to working closely again with both students and parents to ensure we successfully navigate the roller coaster that is year 12.
Please feel free to contact me at any stage if you have any questions or concerns. The best way to do so initially is by email, , and from there I am happy to arrange a time to meet in person if you wish.
Last reviewed 30 September 2019
Last updated 30 September 2019