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Literacy and Numeracy Support



Literacy and Numeracy Support Teachers (STLAN) work with teachers to ensure that students identified as requiring support improve their numeracy and literacy. Some students require intensive support, whereas other students require more general support for a shorter period.
Students who are identified as requiring support may have difficulties with one or more of the following:
·         Confusion of symbols and text
·         Organising information
·         Working memory/recall of information
·         Understanding of written and oral language, despite normal hearing and vision
·         Forming letters/writing in a defined space
·         Mathematical problem solving and retention of concepts

Support Strategies


All students at Craigslea High School participate in mainstream programs. The progress of students is closely monitored by support teachers in collaboration with subject teachers and Heads of Department. The educational needs of students identified as being at risk of underachievement are reviewed and the most appropriate support options are considered given the resourcing available. This may include:

·           A review of subject options
·           Additional support in one-to-one or small group situations
·           Referral to other specialist staff e.g. Guidance Officer, School Nurse, etc.
·           Assistance in determining future pathways, including the SET Plan (Secondary  Education Training Plan) process.

Working with Subject teachers


Support teachers collaborate with subject teachers to use whole school and classroom based data to choose differentiation and intervention strategies for more targeted instruction. They also recommend intervention strategies that match particular areas of literacy and numeracy difficulties for particular students who do not meet benchmarks. Also support teachers will assist subject teachers with scaffolding and adjustment of class work and/or assessment items where necessary.


Adjustments are the changes or supports that can be put into place in order for a student to participate on the same basis as other students.

After reviewing the student’s progress certain adjustments may be required. These adjustments could include:
·         additional time when completing class tasks and/or assessment
·         provision of an alternative setting (environment)
·         scaffolded instructions
·         a reader or scribe
·         technological support such as use of laptop or iPADS

Individualised Curriculum

For a very small number of students, it may be necessary to consider teaching and assessing from a different curriculum year level. These students include:

·           A very small percentage of students with a learning disability or verified disability
·           Gifted students
·           Accelerated students

An Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP) is required when a student is provided with a higher or lower year-level curriculum than their age cohort. An ICP documents intended curriculum, pedagogy and assessment provisions for the next reporting period. Decisions are based on collaborative analysis of student achievement data and in consultation with the student’s parent(s).
At Craigslea State High School, we strive to make all aspects of the school curriculum more accessible, so that all students have the opportunity to experience success.