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Industrial Technology, Engineering and Design


Head of Department – Craig Gray

The Industrial Technology and Design subject area combines theoretical understandings with practical applications related to industrial systems and control, graphical communication, and product design and manufacture. Students design and create products using contemporary materials, tools, equipment, processes and techniques that are specific to industrial technology and design. Understandings of the appropriateness of products, as well as the social, ethical and environmental issues pertaining to material use, disposal and safety are included within the subject area. Industrial Technology and Design students work independently and collaboratively in activities that require them to meet constraints such as time, cost and availability of resources.



Through Industrial Technology and Design Education, students develop an understanding and appreciation of their built environment. They learn to be informed and responsible users of products and innovative developers of solutions to real-world problems. They are active participants in the development of Industrial Technology and Design Products / artefacts.

Industrial Technology and Design has something to offer students of all interests and abilities. Subject offerings within the INTAD faculty include:


Year 8:

Design Technology

Years 9 & 10:

Industrial Technology and Design (ITD)

Year 11:

Manufacturing (Subject Area Specification)
Graphics (Authority subject contributing towards an OP)

Year 12:

Graphics (Authority subject contributing towards an OP)
Vocational Education and Training: Certificate 1 – Manufacturing (Pathways)

How does this help equip students for the future?  

  • A broader understanding of modern technology
  • Development of problem solving skills

  • Development of original and innovative ideas

  • Graphical communication skills

  • A solid foundation for careers in industry and trades

  • Satisfaction from working with their hands

  • Confidence and self esteem

  • Experience in planning and design

  • Practical knowledge


Meet our team:

         Phil Jackes           Caleb Richardson           Andrew Gow